JA-1/JA99C Combo

Seems like a pretty good deal. Even if just for the amp.


I like researching amps but all the weird or interesting ones are way too expensive to bring up here.
Ie the unique low distortion topology of chords ultima and etude amps but they cost like an arm and a leg

Those vu meters are gorgeous :drooling_face:

Zero fidelity is great

The problem with all this stuff is it’s a reasonable chunk of change and there is no way to audition it.


this seems more reasonably priced. wonder if it has the same sound signature :thinking:

Yep. And even if you can. It’s not using the same set up you have at home most of the time

That’s pretty cool though I personally prefer a separate preamp

It’s always nice when theres some sort of grace period for returns etc which may be the case here but I havent checked… I can audition literally nothing so being on this forum and seeing and watching reviews is pretty great.

If it’s shipping from China I don’t know how practical it is even then, I think a lot of these companies should have a presence in larger markets and have demo units that get shipped around. pre-charge the credit card and refund on return.
You’d still be out shipping an insurance, and the company would have to charge a few more $ for the demo inventory, management and CC fees.

It’s not ideal for sure… I’d take a chance on those vu meters though :raised_hands: lol