Jade Audio (Fiio) EA3 (1DD/1BA)

Starting a thread for this one since I preordered a pair and they seem like some mighty-fine Chi-fi.
“Jade Audio is a subsidiary brand of Fiio, which employs a direct-sales model”
Right now, the only place to see or buy them is from the aliexpress page: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000419858364.html although there is an ongoing review tour thread on Head-fi. It is purported by Jade Audio themselves to be a successor to the Fiio FH1, with a Knowles 33518 and a 13.6mm polymer DD.

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That’s a rather impressive specs for $40. We’re living in golden age of hi-fi I feel.

We live in some crazy times ladies and gents. Just got these this morning and they’re f’ing fantastic. Just think Blon’s with wider soundstage, better detail retrieval, and cleaner vocals (I love Knowles BAs). It definitely goes “BOOM,” but I’m sure it’ll calm down after extended use. Something like this should not be $40. I bought mine off of Amazon and they’re sold out on their AliExpress store.


Got to listen to my dad’s set of Jade Audio EA3 briefly today. They were pretty good for their price. Nice cable, and a good looking set. The sound was a little unrefined but fun. Elevated bass and treble. Definitely a solid bass response. Treble was a little too forward to me, even compared to the Shozy 1.1 which is my primary IEM. The EA3 had some issues with sibilance also that was pretty noticeable. Overall he is very happy with them which is the main thing, but I definitely felt the 1.1 sounded smoother and more refined. I also prefer the sound of the BL-03 to the EA3 for similar reasons.