Jamo C 93 II Concert

All I can say is damn these sound so good for $315. So smooth. I can’t believe there are no other reviews of these except for Zero Fidelity on YouTube. Oh and drop dead gorgeous.


Yep this is end game for my HT.


Damn that’s a nice setup. If I ever have a living room to deck out I’d def pick up some Jamos in white and leave the covers on. They really have that clean understated classy aesthetic on point

Our lord Z also liked them first edition.

Wondering did they just change the driver color or something new actually.

Just got a pair of these because they were on a really nice sale on Adorama - will I need to get a new AMP to be able to actually use these effectively? Right now all I have is an Asgard 3 which I have only used with headphones before.

Yes. These are passive speakers, and will require a power amp like a BasX A100.

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Looks like I should look into getting a new amp then… thank you!

No problem!

Just to clarify, you don’t need to replace the Asgard 3 as it is a headphone amp. You need a separate speaker amp. You can use the pre out of the Asgard 3 to control the volume if you get a pure power amp though (no built in volume control on power amps).


Yeah gotcha, I am getting a BasX as I think I will try it with very high impedance/sensitivity headphones as well as now these speakers. I was planning on using my Asgard as my pre-out


They sound similar to klipsch RP bookshelves ?

Well I’ve been listening to them since I got home from work and they are quite good I would say. Bass is not very impactful, but the mids and highs are really great. Will probably get a small sub eventually to fill that gap. Wonderful desk speakers for the size they are. Also now I have a BasX if I ever want an overkill for a headphone amp lol.

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Agreed. However, I’m not in the position to grab a sub, unfortunately, but doesn’t stop me from enjoying mine.

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