Jamo S 803 speaker to PC Setup Help

Hi all,

Just another sound noob here. I just bought a pair of the Jamo S 803 Speakers from Amazon, thinking that I could simply connect them to my PC. Obviously, that isn’t the case, which is why I’m here for some advice…

I know I need an AMP, not sure if I need a DAC. I also have a pair of the beyerdynamic dt 770 pro 80hms that I will be using, so I’m hoping for something that can work with as well.

I’m not an audiophile, I just need something that works decently (I won’t ever use them above like 70% volume) and I’d like all-in-one devices if possible (smaller and cheaper the better)! My budget is a hard cap at 200$ USD and preferably 150$ or lower range. Here are some of the DAC/AMPs I’ve been considering.

  • the SMSL AD18

  • the SMSL sa-300

  • the SMSL DA-8 NJW1194

I’m honestly so lost here as to what I need to buy. As for cables, I was recommended to buy “banana plugs, that are insulated” like these: https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Matters-Oxygen-Free-Copper-Speaker/dp/B00NB4T6RK. It’s my understanding that I’ll need to buy two of these cables, since I have a pair of speakers?

Now what cables would I need to connect whatever DAC/AMP i get to my actual PC?

Sorry for the long message, I hope someone can help!

If this is going to be a desktop setup, I think you should go for the Topping MX3. It’s got good enough power for those Jamo (which are hard to drive), and a good DAC and headphone amp. It’s also like $140.

The SMSL AD18 is the direct competitor. The difference is the power on the speaker end, the DAC isn’t as good, and the headphone amplifier can be lacking but I don’t think you’d have a problem. I’d go for this for more of a living room setup-style.

For these two, plug USB from your computer and you’ll be good.

I have a SA300 and LOVE it, but it’s kinda overkill, the DAC is fine, and has no headphone out.

You don’t need anything special in cables. You’d unscrew the posts and just tighten the cables into them. Look up “speaker binding post instructions” and you should be good. 18 gauge speaker cable is cheap. You can also strip whatever cables you have lying around; I use ethernet cable.

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If you were primarily using speakers, then the Emotiva BasX A-100 could work for you.
Simply run it off a TRS to RCA Y-splitter from your motherboard.

Can use anything from left over electrical cables, test leads or pre-terminated speaker cables.
For a plug&play solution, search terms are “banana speaker cable” or “spade speaker cable”.

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HI Isaac,

I just bought some Jamo S803s and a SMSl ad18 and I’m very happy with them. I can’t speak for the other smsl products you listed but the ad18 suits my needs pretty well and the remote is very convenient. I’m using a JDS labs atom dac from my computer (usb) into the ad18 then the ad18 via speaker wire into the jamos. I hope this helps!

SMSL sa-300. I own it, and it’s fantastic. However, I can’t speak for the onboard DAC because I’m using the iFi Zen DAC which I love. I also have the s803’s, and like the RB42’s they require some power to get them to really shine. So in that regard I feel like those two pieces of equipment would work well together. Thoughts anyone?

Good luck,