Jamo S 803 vs Kanto Yu2

Which are more suitable for a PC desktop setup?

To make a long story short, my GF gave me a condition to my desktop speaker setup, they have to be white… So after a bit of research i ended up with the Kanto Yu2 and the Jamo S803 personally i like the Kanto’s design better but the sound comes first :smiley:

I’m open to other suggestions (around the 300$ range) but i live outside the US so my selection is rather limited.

P.S I’m planning on adding a sub to it but it will probably take a while

I’m pretty sure the Jamo will sound better as they are front ported. the YU2 are smaller, so more space efficient. I am pro Kanto as I have the YU6 and the SUB8, but the YU2 are a bit anemic but for the niche they fit.

that said, a good 2.0 setup should not need a sub, so it would be better to put the sub funds into the speaker budget and then see if you really do need a sub.


Ya iv’e been trying to find where I can buy the Yu4 but cant seem to find a way to ship them here :frowning:
As far as subs, cool ill keep that in mind

My Neighbor has the Jamos. they hit pretty low. you still need a sub for movies and some music. but a healthy chunk of music, the Jamos will cover. And they do sound good.

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I use the Kanto YU2 pair on my desk. I think @Marzipan is right, the Jamo probably will produce better sound (though I haven’t heard them) but the YU2 look sharp, sound pretty damn good from my BF2, and have a small footprint. I also bought the Kanto stands for them. I haven’t gotten a sub for them yet but I’m open to it.

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Ya the GF approves of the Kantos way more than the Jamo :slight_smile:
And their elevated white stand is also a really nice touch

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