Jamo S803 good upgrade from Micca MB42X?

Saw Zeos’s raving review for the Jamo S803 and it’s just in my price range and looks amazing aesthetically and I am inclined to buy them. It would cost about 314 USD after shipping to Singapore, which seems reasonable, (import tax + shipping anything that heavy over here would be around 100 USD easily)

However I also hear some inconsistent reviews especially about its build quality and it’s V-shaped sound signature, which might be unsuitable for certain genres like classical, which I do enjoy very much, though I also love pop and rock as well.

Would like to hear what you guys think!

I just want to say, you probably can get these for way less, used.
I also saw the Jamo 803 5.1 system for 200$US on Amazon. Yes. 200$ for a 5.1. :open_mouth: So… look for sales.

Triangle is from France, BR02s may cost less for you. Laid-back treble.
Wharfedale is also a great brand from UK (some of their speakers are a bit treble-y, though).

Thanks for the advice! I’m not familiar with used audio equipment in general, are they a good idea? We don’t have an active resale market here in Singapore at least and I see only one listing for a Jamo S803 that’s pretty expensive anyway on our local resale platform.

I forgot to mention I’m getting these for a small desktop setup, so I probably can’t get the 5.1 stuff.

There are some BR02s in my local online stores, but they’re about $40 USD more than what the Jamos would cost, and I can’t seem to find any European retailers that shipped those here

Huh 40$ more is still a steal because they’re 450$USD here… lol.

And even at 450$USD some reviewers said it was the best speakers they heard for under 1000$.

For less, Edifier is a Chinese brand, and even the R1700BT are excellent, “too good” for the price. They’re inexpensive but DSP corrected (Digital Signal Processing, digitally adjusted to sound better).

Oh jesus I didn’t know they were supposed to be (much) better! They’re $499 SGD (~358 USD) here

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You lucky! Great, classy speakers to listen to classical music with! :ok_hand:

Thanks, this is looking to be an amazing recommendation! I’m glad I came here for advice before I jumped the gun on the Jamos

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