Jamo SUB 210 or Edifier T5 for my budget PC setup

I am looking for a cheap subwoofer for my PC setup which currently consists of Edifier R1280DBs bookshelf speakers. I found two subs which might work, but I am not sure which one to get.

Edifier T5 and Jamo SUB 210. Both have similar specs. The Edifier probably matches better to my speakers, I guess.

  • I found a used deal on a 3 month old Jamo SUB 210 for about 120 EUR (it sells for about 210 new).

  • The T5 sells for about 170 EUR new.

Does someone know how these two compare? And perhaps if this is even a good idea in general?

what does the Kanto SUB8 go for over there?

That’s way more than the two. It’s sold for ~340 EUR here.
Also it’s sold only in one store.