Jamos 95 series? looking for a budget friendly surround sound system

Looking to build a speaker set in my one bedroom apartment. It would be in the living with plenty of open space, however it can’t be too loud of a set as I don’t want to disturb the neighbors. I’ve been looking at around a $1500 budget and would be using it mostly for movies and games. Any recommendations? I’ve see a klipsch set on sale for 1149 would this be a good option? https://www.adorama.com/kpr625fak5.h…ce=rflaid62905

And there’s this jamo c series set for $950

Would these be considered good buys? Or anything else I should be looking at? Thanks!

Nothing wrong with either option. There might be other deals but recent sales for Jamo and Klipsch have been killer. What receiver are you using?

I would have to buy a receiver, probably a yamaha 7.2 around $400-500 price range.

Sweet. Yamaha makes good receivers. Denon and Pioneer would also be excellent choices. Sony and Onkyo can get iffy.

Either of those options you picked will be great. Personally, I would go for the Jamo set.

Side topic, how would the samsung q90r soundbar be for $999? obviously i know a 5.1 set would be better, but just thinking in terms of space in a 1 bedroom apartment. I will probably be moving in a year or 2 with possiblity of a house.