Jaytiss Reviews and Ranking

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Here is my Ranking list.

Here is my Squig.

Time for more than just Head fi reviews.

Head fi review


Awesome tier list. I agree with you for most of the ones I’ve heard.

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Thanks! What are your favorite iems?


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I’m waiting for Timeless 2 and KE Melody right now

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what i noticed that the review units in chifi or niche brands graph different than the user unit, just look at the channel matching on these things that are user units.
review units graph perfectly with god tier channel matching yet user units graph wonkier with bad channel matching.

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Ooo timeless 2 is interesting. Lots of Plannars coming out.

I think that is true. It’s really interesting from a qc standpoint.

I had major issues with my hola then cleaned and re measured one side and it turned out a lot better. Some of the graph issues might be user error or just volume matching. I did my best but my squig is pretty new. So some might be user error or something minor effecting it.

Any advice is welcome. A few measures might need to be redone.

Great review, well done! :sunglasses: :clap:

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Thanks for the support. :pray:

Watched your Supernova review. Great content, but the sound balance was too low and even went lower when you start discussing the graph. Had to crank the sound to 50 when I usually watch below 20.


Thanks for that. I’ll work on that.


Just got back from can jam So cal. I heard a lot of iems, and headphones. Probably doubled my body count. But more importantly brought home two particularly interesting iems. The Truthear Nova and the choppin from gizaudio. Both are great and reviews will come.


The review units are cherry picked in the line to get the best performance achievable. The same is done for cars : the press units always have the full options package and are meticulously checked before being sent to the wild. Iirc, there are stories of manufacturers pumping up the engine power (compared to factory) to get better journalistic feedback.

So to the question “can we trust review units?”, the answer would be far from trivial: it will depend on the manufacturer, its marketing department, etc.


Definitely buy from a store where you can return, and always demo in person or from a friend when you can.

Heard the Singularity, E12, Rn6? How do you like them, esp against mid priced IEMs such as Monarch and all?
Excited to hear impressions.

I didn’t hear the Singularity. Being there is pretty difficult as it is a bit fatiguing and I found my ability to listen was a bit off. The booth that had the Storm, Singularity, and Duelality didn’t allow you to tip swap and was pretty busy so I didn’t get back to check it out. Storm didn’t sound right with the tips they provided, so I took time and listened to other iems instead. A bunch of headphones, and made sure to secure a Truthear Nova and a few other things as well. So many good products there, it was like iem heaven. I think I listened to 37 iems, and 20 headphones, and checked out a few amps as well and some tips. I was a kid in a Candy Store and should have focused on a few things, but you do what you can.

Southern California just doesn’t have an iem store. I wish it did.

One of my few regrets. I should have gone back for sure.


Got to demo the Storm late Sunday afternoon with my own tips (Azla Crystal), best build imho but a chonker like the MKIII, not sure it’s worth $5k+ when compared to the Crimson which was the best for me during my one day attendance and only listening to new releases.


Graphed a few new iems, and a few from CanJam.

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Nova and Chopin graph very similar.