JBL 305 comparison/discussion/problem

I’ve had my LSR305s for about since 2015, and I’ve loved them. They’ve been really great speakers to mix with but I’ve had a problem with the left channel resonating. I put them horizontal, which fixed the issue, but is not the recommended position for optimal listening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbb-IbeX5nA this video is hilarious to listen to it on my JBLs.

So, the 305p MKII’s are on sale for $89 (!!), bit the bullet, and are arriving Monday.

I tried to fix the problem with stuffing tissues behind the woofer’s baffle/waveguide, and it didn’t really help.

If I get time, I’d like to do a side by side comparison.

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I’m a little afraid to take the plastic off…

Older models or MK1’s suffer from resonating or might suffer.
You are not the first one and many have noticed it being around 200-240Hz.
Repair suggestions ->

This should not be issue on mkii. At least i hope that it wont.

I haven’t heard a mkii that has had resonating issues but you never know

The 305mki flimsy? front plastic’s and loosen screws in someway have been reported in many causes. It should be easy fix.
MKii should have more tougher front cover. Never know how it will hold time.

I don’t remember the mk1 being flimsy, but some units did have some resonation issues

Not stable or rigged might be better words?
Well the very thing should be fixed on MKii.

I could agree that the mk2 feels a bit more solid

They also come in white. That is just great and to my eyes better looking overall.

Update! Loosening the screws on the baffle on the woofer fixed the problem. I just sold the MK1s I just sold to a buddy, so no comparisons, but they are very similar, trust me ha

They were in the living room for a couple of days, and now they’re going to another fellow audio engineer. And, I’m going to have to act surprised on Christmas when my wife watches me unwrap the Micca OoOOOOOOOooooos

So I’m looking to purchase a pair of these, second hand. I was thinking of using them in my living room, in a relatively small apartment, would they be fine for this use? Or should I use them as desktop speakers?

They are designed to be used nearfield on a desk, not really in a room, so I would suggest using them on a desk

If just for casually use to music and tv. They do pretty good job, only that they need’s to space behind them, bass will be heavy and effect the room a lot.
Have some absorbing material and port’s plugged, they are bit to close to wall but it’s alright.
Good and cheap.

They work pretty well in a smaller living room setup. There’s quite a bit of depth you can get from having them 6 or so ft away from you.