Jbl 305 / Kali Lp6v2 / Yamaha HS5 or Wharfedale 12.0 / Dali oberon 1 / Elac UB52 and an amplifier?

Desktop use. I wonder if anyone had both active and passives like these to say which are more worth the money? I’d like to stay under 300 euro if the difference is not night and day between these.
JBL 305 mk2 goes for 265 euro a pair here
Kali Lp6v2 goes for 400 euro a pair
HS5 goes for 300 euro a pair
The passives I mentioned go for 200-300 euro + used amplifier would be around 100-200 euro, or something like Aiyima A07 would be 90 euro. So around 300-400 total.
So as you can see the price difference isn’t that big, but I see actives have dps which allows them to not have -6db at 50hz like the passives. But I don’t really care how deep they go, I wonder which sounds better in total on a nearfield desk setup, hard to find anyone who listened to both of similar options.

edit: Forgot to mention, already own a DAC.