JBL 306p mkii or Micca RB42

I can snag a pair of JBL 306p mkii right now for $298 or I could snag a pair of Micca RB42’s and an AD18 for $294. I’m having trouble deciding, any thoughts? They would be going in me desk at work for casual listening. I might add a sub in the future…

What type of music are you listening to, and do you have a sound preference? Also do you have a dac as well?

I don’t have a specific genre, I like a lot of stuff. Everything from daft punk to Hans Zimmer to rap, to Billie holiday, to country, etc. I really like big sound stages. I recently heard the RB42’s recorded on a binaural mic man that sounded really cool. I also don’t have a dac.

Gotcha, well the 306p might end up costing more as you would want to get a dac and a volume controller for them as well. If you wanted to save some money you could get something like the topping e30 or smsl Sanskrit 10th mk2 that have a built in volume control through remote but again not the most ideal solution

So I think if you wanted something a bit more enjoyable for most music, with a bit warmer toned sound, the rb42 would be a good pick, where if you wanted something a bit more neutral and resolving but also potentially harsher, the jbl would be my pick. Also imo for the rb42 you would want to look at something like the smsl sa300 over the ad18

Another option to potentially consider is the vanatoo t0, which imo are great for the size and have pretty nice bass, also have an integrated dac and sub out, would end in being a similar price to the micca + amp and cheaper than the jbl