Jbl D130 substitute?

First…thanks for not being a shitty cookie cutter forum…

Are there any modern equivalents to the 1960s JBL d130? The speakers are in a cabinet built to spec and sound amazing, but after 5 years of garage shit, i really am expecting them degrade rapidly …soon. My dad can hear, but he …sucks at it…these speakers have taken 100% all the time for 5 years straight and i don’t want to be left in the dark when they eventually turn into powder.

Can any of y’all recommend a speaker i can replace em with. The garage obviously isn’t that much of a hostile environment as you’d expect. Swamp cooler for cooling keeps it around 80* when its 110 outside.

I just want to have a speaker on hand when it gives up the ghost. Not asking for the cheapest option, rather just a direct replacement.