JBL "eternal" (solar panel charging) wireless headphones

Well, neat idea. That’s a small battery (700mA). This did not work for smartphones because the batteries are 4 to 5 times bigger.

A full battery gives you 24 hours of music, so apparently 30-ish minutes is enough for a full charge (they’re always charging, even when you listen to music outdoors, obviously).

I already had a cheap, no-name 2000mA battery with a small solar panel on it and it could charge 100% in 8 hours. So, at worst, 3 hours for a full charge of the little 700mA battery? That’s nice. Basically infinite battery life – and it can also charge indoors (yeah, my cheap battery could also charge a bit using indoor lighting).

What’s not nice is, it’s not even AptX. There’s rays of hope for the future, though. :slight_smile:

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250mA solar panel is a considerable area

It was the size of a smartphone and it charged well, more or less the same area for a headphone headband. It will charge well unless the solar tech they use really, really sucks. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean if a full 700mA battery gives you more or less 24 hours of music, this means… you only need 30mA of sunlight for 1 hour of music. This will work well.

Huh, yeah, I wrote that at 4AM or something. Clarification: 30mA of sunlight for 1 hour of music, i.e.: If you’re outdoors, you’d only need a 30mA solar panel in sunlight to keep the battery fully charged or at the same charge level. So they’re not kidding when they say “eternal”. :+1: