JBL is back selling the 530's?

Just was browsing the JBL fathers day sale on their site, and says they have the JBL 530s for 300 a pair with a message saying back ordered, ETA june 20, it let me order them so we’ll see if its legit. here is link https://www.jbl.com/loudspeakers/STUDIO+530.html?cgid=loudspeakers&dwvar_STUDIO%20530_color=Black-USA-Current#start=1

For anyone that cares, just recieved confirmation, and the 530s were shipped today, so they are back

Not anymore. They went out of stock again a few hours ago. Hopefully it wont take two years for another run.

Considering how fast they sold out it’s probably a safe bet they’ll be making more.

Changing the topic, how does the JBL 5 series compare to the Infinity Reference series? Zeo likes the Infinity Reference enough to recommend it over at AVS quite a bit, but I haven’t seen a review for them yet. No indication he would recommend them over the 5 series based on my searches either, but I would definitely love some input.

Wow, what a steal at $300. Absolutely lovely speakers.

I now have the Infinity Reference 152’s that I use on my desktop and they sound amazing. I ordered them on July 3rd when they were on back order and received them at the end of July (after complaining about the wait, they immediately shipped me the speakers). They are replacing a pair of Polk S15 speakers and in comparison to those, they have much better imaging and vocals. I did have the JBL LSR305’s for a short time and they were also amazing, but it has been so long since I have had them and can’t really make a direct comparison. They BOTH are great speakers and you would be happy with either one. The only real problem I had with the JBL’s was that they hissed a lot at low volume and that really bugged me. If it helps, I still often wonder about switching back to the JBL’s…

FYI their website has the studio 530s in stock again for $599/pair. https://www.jbl.com/STUDIO+530BK.html?mrkgcl=741&mrkgadid=3309088937&utm_campaign=Con|GSC|Brand&utm_medium=paid-search&utm_source=Google&utm_term=412806718463_channel_online_product_type_home_audio_speakers_product_type_loudsp&product_id=STUDIO%20530BK&utm_content=Home+Audio&creative=249879343405&device=m&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7-bWtZr55QIV1Bx9Ch0SfgKPEAQYASABEgL1qfD_BwE