JBL LSR305s resonating on certain frequencies

Whenever I get some low mids/lows playing at a slightly louder volumes, it sounds like either the box or the port is resonating/vibrating. Has anyone else experienced this? Anyone know a solution or if you’ve had a similar problem on a different speaker, how did you fix it? I’m tempted to start shoving tissues in and around it.

Have you tried to identify the specific frequency? You should get a sine wave generator and try and identify the specific range

FWIW…I heard a rumor that the Gen 1 version of the 3 series had a vibration of the front baffle of the speaker at certain freq’s. The MKII version has a thicker baffle. Some are removing the baffle and reinforcing it a little. Just something I overheard though.

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Ah, that’s true, I had just assumed it was the mkii version