JBL Pro Mk2 monitor series sale

Amazon has mk2’s on sale 89.10$/each for 305p mkII, 120.69 for 206p mkII 161.19 for 308p mk2

Get em while they hot and on sale for cheap!


added link


Thats a pretty good price for anyone looking to pick these up, worth the money for sure

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That is what I was thinking, noticed it little bit ago.

how do these stack up vs the kef 150s that are on sale? KEFs would be ran by a cambridge audio topaz sr10v2, streaming through chromecast audio. Currently running pioneer sb-fs52 towers but looking for a bookshelf pair and a reason to upgrade, if these even are an upgrade

Well I would say if you already have an amp you might want to go for the kefs. Also these don’t do the best in a living room and are mainly for nearfield use. If you plan to use them on a desk, these are great and I would personally prefer the jbl’s if you want a more even sound

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thanks for the input. I was thinking the same thing but figured I’d get some confirmation. I have jbl 580 towers and a 520 center in the living room and I’m very impressed with how they fill the room, so I trust the brand, but I’ve been hearing so much about the KEFs that I really want to give em a go.

I guess it’d be cool to have a british heritage setup in the bedroom with the cambridge amp, the KEF speakers, and the rega turntable.