JBL Stage A130 On Sale for $180

The Studio 530s are no longer on sale, but the Stage A130 is. I ordered a pair of these too. I’ll see how these compare to the 530 in my home theater. If I like them I’ll move the 530s to my desk.


I gave the A130s a good audition. Here are my conclusions:

  1. The A130s have more bass than the 530s.
  2. The 530s measure flatter > 600Hz than the 130s. I’m using EQ to fix a dip on the 530s between 200 - 600Hz.
  3. The 530s image quite a bit better than the 130s.

That said, at the sale price of $180 the A130s are good, but I have decided to stick with the 530s in the HT and return the A130s.

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Those will match my subs.