JBL Studio 530's on sale

Just a heads up, the 530’s are on sale for $279.99 on JBL’s website. I just grabbed a set, they should be here Friday!



I just got them a few weeks ago. I still have yet to find a love for them. Some songs are amazing and others suck. Highs are super neutral… Nothing crisp at all which is nice sometimes to hear unless it fatiguing. Lows are there at certain volumes and the correct speaker to wall placement. Mids are pretty much none existing. This is generally what I’ve heard from about 10 hours of listening. I bought the r162s also. They have a crisp sound compared to JBL but I wouldn’t say it’s ear fatiguing. 162s have barely any low end. I really wanted to love the JBLs but I kind of just like them. I have jamo s606 towers and wow… They sound so much better to me. Maybe I have something wrong but I thought the JBLs were going to sound better for all types of music. Really odd.

I bit an these last night. I’m excited.

@Saltystevo, just out of curiosity, what are you using to drive them? I have an older Integra DTR6.4 with an honest 100wpc. I originally had my RB42 connected to it, and I had to give it the beans to get them to shine however, when I replaced them with the Jamo 803 bookshelves, they required much less gas. I’m already prepared to feed the 503’s due to their low sensitivity spec.
I literally can’t wait to get these, I really wanted these when I purchased the Jamo’s, but it wasn’t really in the budget at the time, and they weren’t on sale. My fear is that I’m going to like them so much that I end up replacing my Klipsch R 28F’s with the Studio 590’s…

Yamaha 710a receiver

The 710 should have plenty of power to drive them?! Hopefully they sound good on my setup. As a matter of fact, I’ll be pissed if my Jamo’s sound better…

Be prepared to be pissed off lol. They sound more dynamic but not as clear and lack mids. Low end starts to pop at higher volume. It’s about the volume that is loud enough they play great. I wanted to upgrade from jamo and I feel it was lateral movement. 530s play some songs pretty damn amazing though and others blaaa. They also hold the volume as you walk away from they… Or they throw the volume very well. I got them for $299 and I want to keep them but who wants a speaker that plays great just for some songs??

I should’ve paid you instead of JBL…

I am pleased to report that the JBL Studio 530’s have lived up to all the hype! Out of the box they stand heads and shoulders above the Jamo’s they’ve replaced. Without any changes to my receiver settings, and given their relatively identical sensitivity rating, these played louder with more intensity, and accuracy compared to the s803’s. This maybe due the the 6ohm impedance, or just the difference in design, x over, or that wonderful horn loaded compression driver? The easiest way to explain it, is that they just sound like a wall of sound, and an accurate wall at that. Much warmer than I anticipated. Also very pleased with their bass response, actually I turned the sub down when listening to music.
Thank you Z for the ongoing recommendation. I can honestly say I will be saving up for the 590 towers when they go on sale again this fall, and will be selling my beloved Klipsch R 28F towers
I’m very excited to see how these open up once they’re broken in.
Sadly, the sale is over, i just checked before writing this post however, if you have the means I would highly recommend you make these an addition to your existing system.
Hopefully some of you guys were able to take advantage of the sale while it was active.



Mine have been kick ass too. Scooted my desk out from the wall a bit and cut up some foam to set them on and they’re excellent.

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