JBL Studio 550P Sub

So My JBL Studio 550P Sub came with a single RCA cable (I am guessing for LFE connection/sub output). Only problem is my Amp only has a Left and Right RCA output. If I want to connect my sub, is it okay to just connect them to one of the outputs like the right or left? Would I lose out on sound if I only have it connected to one of the two outputs. Or should I buy an normal RCA cable with L and R and connect them that way. The Sub has a switch between Normal (L and R) and LFE (Single RCA LFE) so I could just buy a normal RCA cable and connect them that way. But if I had it set to LFE and say connected it only the right rca output on the amp, would that work or am I missing out on some sounds but only having the right audio?

Thank you

So you would want to get a Y split subwoofer cable

You could just use one of the channels but you would be missing out on the bass from the other channel

Also just to check, is that a sub out or pre out from your amp?

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It says Loop so i am guessing it just loops the input signal to another output to daisy chain amps. I guess it would be a form of a pre-out. Already ordered just a normal RCA cable since the sub can accept both right and left as well when the switch is set to normal.

Thanks as always M0N!

yeah that should work fine

Also I didn’t realize it had both left and right inputs, my bad

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Oh no, not a problem. Once you told me how it works, I knew what cable I needed to order. I don’t expect you to familiar with every piece of equipment, even if you have experience with a lot of stuff. :stuck_out_tongue: