JBL Studio 580 vs JBL Studio 570 - Room Size

Hi all,

I’m between the JBL Studio 580 and the JBL Studio 570 for R/L for home theater set-up. I’ve read that the 570s are better for smaller rooms and the 580s for medium/larger sized rooms, but I’m not sure which would be better suited for my room, which is about 15 feet deep by 20 feet wide with ceilings about 12 feet high. (Will be using only this R/L pair of speakers + a subwoofer–no center, no surrounds.) Any recommendation here would be appreciated! Thank you!

580’s. they wont be to big for that room. that size room falls in the middle to upper end of “middle” sized room’s. and in my experience, for the most part, theres no such thing as to big for a room. there is to small for sure though.

Thanks, Joshua. And I assume I don’t have to be too concerned about how far I’m sitting from the speakers? So it’s more about room size than it is about distance from the speakers?

proper angling of drivers, for most speakers, will overcome distance from speakers.

i always use this clip as a reference. i don’t suggest living in a micro apartment so you can spend more on stereo equipment, but it highlights large speakers in a small space very well.

This guy! My wife would kill me! I went ahead with the 580. Looking forward to them. Thanks again for response.

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The 590s worked for me in a smallish room. Any of that line would work. Some placement experiements will always be needed. Forward and backward and left and right mostly. In my trials toeing in and out had little effect. That wave guide seems to just project sound everywhere

I’m finding speakers with dual concentric drivers, or legit waveguides, or horns are just fine without any toe in at all.
Certainly my Tannoy XT8F were way too bright being toed in. I didn’t like them until I saw this video on YT: