Jds atom and iems

Is the jds atom go enough for the Tin P1

yep should be fine :+1:


Yes. That’s exactly what I’m using at the moment. Atom and the P1s.

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No problem with that lol

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Then would I need an upgrade if I get more expensive iems like a u12ts

The Atom is so neutral that you’ll be alright with one caveat: I have heard that the Atom has a very slight buzz with super sensitive IEMs. So it will depend on how sensitive these upgraded IEMs are, probably.

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I would say so because you would want a higher quality amp

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What is a higher quality amp like a thx 789

I would actually say something like a chord mojo or an ifi xdsd, or a fiio q5s with the thx module, something more designed for driving low ohm load iems

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Do you have the thx module cause that is pretty rare

I’ve heard it, but I don’t own one myself since I prefer other options (as I am not a huge thx fan)

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so what would you say is the portable amp or dap for iems

In a realistic budget the one’s I mentioned above for the portable dac/amp, and with daps there are lots of options depending on what you want sound/feature wise

so what portable amp or regular amp would you recommend if I had $2000 iems

I still think something like the mojo or xdsd would be a good pairing (or the fiio). Dap wise the cayin n6ii is pretty nice. I guess for an overkill portable, the woo wa11 or the chord hugo 2 would be the choice

What would you say is good for portability but when I get home I can plug into my pc and act like it’s a desktop amp

Well, I mean something like the chord hugo 2 or the ifi idsd micro black label would be good examples of that to me

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How about something with Bluetooth what would you think would be good

Fiio Q5s, it works great with all of my IEMs, no hiss or anything of the like. Has great bluetooth implementation and works well as a desktop unit. it’s pretty much a great multi use amp/dac if you need something that can do a little bit of everything.


Did you upgrade it to the thx module or with the stock one it’s already really great.