Anyone else use this dac and amp? I just got the El DAC and Amp and my god the DAC gets hot as hell. Feels like I could cook an egg on it. Is this normal? Should I not stack them? I have some heat concerns

It’s unusual for a DAC to get that hot. Contact customer support and see what they say. Is it so hot you can’t keep your hand on it? If so, it’s definitely defective.

2nd this. Most dacs might get slightly warm, but definitely not that hot. Amps can get pretty hot, but dacs shouldn’t

Alright I’ll contact support. Though I do remember now that both DMS and Z made comments about the stack getting warm. The dac is pretty hot when I lift the amp off but if I leave the amp off of it for a bit it seems to be a little cooler. I’ll see what support says. From what I heard JDS has great support

Ha! I thought you meant hot like “Sexy AF!!!” Because it is a sexy little box with nice lines.

I would also call support… for the temperature issue I mean. But if you want to contact JDS labs and tell them that your Dac is jut “Too Sexy for it’s shirt” don’t let me stop you!

So I contacted support and they said this is totally normal and is designed to run hotter than ambient temperature