JDS Element 2 Thoughts?

Well, I mean the t0 also has a fairly competent dac, but you could hook it up and see. I think it could suit your needs nicely though

I have to wait for it to come back on Drop.

I may grab something on Friday, depending what pops up.:grin:

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It and JDS’s Atom are the only other headphone amp that can match the THX amps. This is according to the measurements Ive seen and my limited experience.

I think some higher end amps can, and also the new geshelli archel 2 pro can as well I think

You are correct sir!

My thumbs were working faster than my brain. Not that it’s a hard race to win.

I don’t really care about the measurements as long as it sounds good lol


I too actually really like the giant knob on top. I think if I were to only have a single dac / amp on my desk - it would be the element or the EL stack. But I’ve got a tube and a solid state & a seperate dac & I’ve started going balanced so it doesn’t really work for my desk.

If they did a pre-amp in that form factor though.

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Something similar might be a mackie big knob passive, it would work as a passive preamp and get the job done


Yup. And it’s cheap!
(uh, as in, inexpensive.)

Lol, I don’t have the need or (more importantly) the space at the moment though. My desk is already pretty cramped as it is.

… and I still think the JDS giant knobs look better. Haha

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I can agree with that lol, the big knob wasn’t designed for style (that could be interpreted different ways)

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If you needed a volume control and were tight on space, the Fostex Pc-1e would get the job done lol

Any opinions on the MassDrop 02 + SDAC DAC/amp?

It’s alright, it depends on what price you can get it at imo. I just think recent amps like the atom or liquid spark and a dac like the d10 kinda are better sound for the money. And let’s not forget the fiio k5 pro, as it’s probably one of the best bang for buck amp/dacs out there

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If they made it so you can just press IN the knob to switch to speakers/headphones, that would be killer. Also the lack of optical input is a bit of a deal-breaker for me personally.

Pretty good specs: AK4493 and 1.5W. Sells for $229.00 in Canada. Wonder if that will go on sale Friday…


It sounds great for the price imo, its just a very solid unit

And a nice small footprint.

I’ve actually been looking at the new EL Amp II, mainly to use as a pre-out volume knob, I had tried the older vs once and it was soooo silky smooth and sits at the perfect height for my desk set-up.

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Well I mean I guess but it’s also a great headphone amp lol. If you wanted a big knob perhaps look at some monitor controllers