JDS Element 2 Thoughts?

So all the reveiws are dropping for the new Element 2. What are the thoughts?

Mine is, it is ugly and looks cheap for something in that price point.

I think it’s a great unit with excellent sound, also it’s built very well and overall a great unit for the price imo. But I can see that it’s looks aren’t for everyone lol

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I am sure it does sound great as everyone has had that to say. But that HUGE knob on top just turns me off… This design means it has to sit out in the open, leaving all the cables connected running across the desk or table.

Yeah, they were clearly going for a modern look for people with more minimalistic desk lol

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hey Brian…it’s a metal chassis, not plastic like the original, so it shouldn’t look or feel cheap if that’s what you buy.

I love a big knob on top. Much easier to turn than a front knob. I personally like the Micca Origen G2’s knob more. I feel it is the perfect size. A Schiit Modi 3 and Magni 3 might be more up your alley if you like pretty hardware.

I think it’s cool and I like the big knob. I am actually looking for a DAC/amp for my office, but that is a lot money for my use.

What price are you thinking? Also how much space do you have?

Homestly the form factor isn’t as much of an issue as a lot of people think. This isn’t the element, this is the EL amp first gen and I’ve had it for about 2 years now. Still my favorite piece of hardware I have. My desk setup has gone through many different arrangements over the past 2 years and I never had an issue placing the EL amp.

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It is a smallish desk that already carries my 32" monitor and Vanatoo Transparent Zeroes (bought for their unique design and small size).

I was thinking that a better DAC might improve the sound of the speakers and my wife has complained that she no longer has a headphone jack when she’s in there.

I would like to keep the price under $200.00US.

I mean you could get something like the micca origen g2 (as pictured above lol). Something like the fiio k5 pro would also meet your requirement (with the k5 pro being the best out of what I have mentioned imo)

does anyone know how this amp measures to the THX amps? is it a colored amp? dont like the big dial lol

wow, you got a lot of nice amps there

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https://blog.jdslabs.com/2019/11/jds-labs-element-ii-official-release-benchmarks/ :slight_smile:

Element II has been re-engineered as the flagship JDS Labs amp+DAC and amplifier. If you’ve been looking for a metal version of Atom Amp, Element II adopts the core amplifier technology in a CNC milled, aluminum chassis.

Any opinion on the NuForce Icon HDP DAC/Amp?

The size and layout would work for me. But it seems like an odd duck. It seems to have come out ten years ago and everybody raved about it. The price was $449.00. Now Drop seems to have resurrected it with a few changes and it now sells for $129.00.

yep this picture encapsulates 80% of the reasons im poor :grinning:

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It’s pretty good, but might be lacking in power for some hard to drive headphones. But it is a solid dac/amp. But I don’t really think it would be worth 450 at all

Lol, the other 20% is the headphones at the end of the wire? :stuck_out_tongue:


that percentage was a bit off hahah

Yes, headphones, PC feeding the RME, and then ya can also count the 4 cars and 1 motorcycle for 1 person, guitars, etc. Way too many expensive hobbies.

It would be fine for her headphones.

I mentioned to the big guy at Vanatoo and he said the DAC would improve the sound of the speakers.
Of course he may have been thinking about the $449.00 model.