Jeep + McIntosh Labs

Mc system in your 4x4…


I saw this and was all like, “what in the world???”

I still remember the POS Jeep Patriot loaner I rode in like 2010… Even into the mid 2010s, the rental Cherokee felt pretty cheap.

FCA stepped up their game I guess. Interior looks quite nice. Would not have expected McIntosh though.

Did they really call it the L? Cause you’ll be taking the L when some part of it shits the bed a few weeks after buying it if it gives the same experience as my grand cherokee lol

But the international mcintosh is pretty cool for sure

Turn the system up loud to mask the rattles.

“L” is for the long wheelbase. This Grand Cherokee has third row seating, which is the first time they’ve been available in a GC.

Oh that’s pretty neat, didn’t look into it too much

IIRC 1st gen Ford GTs also had a McIntosh stereo option.

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That was so you could listen to good tune while you waited for the tow trucks. Those things were unreliable AF.

The mid 2000’s Ford Gt had a macintosh audio option. I dont remember much about it though.

Edit: i did not read fractals comment a few posts up.