JM Audio Editions Mods

I just finished a review of a few pairs of

R9 and RD7X

Anyone have any other sets? Thoughts? Looking for them?

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The super-fuzzy set of pads looks eerily familiar to these #5 Bevel Face Thicken Velvet dynamos that run a cool $9.17 - which ARE super comfy themselves.

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They look interesting. Those hifiman get fairly bad reviews un modded. but peeps with the mods seem to like them a lot more once modded. You got a video up yet of the review of them?

It’s up for patrons. I don’t want to say too much before the video goes live but I think the creator who is a producer of some sort has a very specific tuning he wants so he can use these for work and I want to use them for play.

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I just scooped a pair of R7DX JM OCD Extreme Stealth from r/AVexchange, ought to have them before next week I imagine. I was looking for a closed back set and they sounded interesting enough to try.

Hey Zeos! Yeah I have the HE-R10 OCD and I love them. I haven’t heard the stock HE-R10 to compare the two but I can compare the HE-R9 OCD and HE-R10 OCD. To my ears, the R10’s are much more mid-range focused but still have the bass-tonality that the HE-R9’s have. In your words, the “shape” of the bass is similar, but toned down a bit in favor of the mid-range.

I also noticed that you had my review of the HE-R9’s open on the video! I don’t think you know how much it means to me that you had taken a look at my review. If it’s not too much to ask, what were your thoughts? I’m new to reviewing so any constructive criticism is welcome.

I wish I had the stock R9’s to compare the modded/unmodded versions like you have. Still, if you’d like to read my review of the HE-R10’s I can message it to you (I don’t want to make it seem like I’m self-promoting).

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This quite expensive for just a new headband

there are extensive internal mods, it’s not just a new headband


For what I’ve paid for the headphones I just can’t see spending almost three times more just for a headband

I got my R7DX JM OCD Extreme Stealth in and have had some time with them. I like them a lot! I have no experience with the stock version, and I’m more of an IEM/Speaker guy so my only on-hand points of reference are the Arya V2, Verum 1 v1, Sennheiser HD579 and Porta Pros/KPH40s. All of that being out of the way, these are delightfully punchy and warm while still keeping sparkly yet even treble to my ears. Male and Female vocals sit a little back in the mix, but not in a obscured way. The width of the soundstage is pretty dang wide for closed-back headphones and the imaging is solid but not on par with my Aryas or some of my IEMs. I’ve used them across multiple genres and have yet to come across one that I don’t like them for.
All in all, very pleased for what I paid for them ($160) and they will probably be a fixture in my collection for some time!

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I appreciate this, I’ve been curious about them as an affordable open back myself!

EDIT: I meant closed when I wrote open - sorry!


The R7DX is a closed back, which is the primary reason that I got it (never had an “audiophile” closed back before aside from my ancient ATH-A700). I’d be glad to let you borrow them if you get the itch!