Jorors DIY-Audio

The idea of hand-made/ DIY / loudspeakers was born in me, when I saw the model of JBL-tI6K . The design and fabrication of these unique shapes are made by a Danish designer. The pyramidal shape of the speakers is generally denied by the DIYers, or at least for the most part, but I decided at the moment that’s my loudspeaker design… That sounded good in my head, but the year was 2005 and my the financial situation at, didn’t show me that I could do it. And, as it says, “Watch out for what you want” and one January morning in 2009, I started working . Here, I will add- Indeed, the DIYers deny the beauty/ maybe more than 60%/ , the vizion does not matter. At all the important thing is how they sound. Interesting when it comes to buying a car, electronics for home, furniture, even own home, their criterion is changing, suddenly the concept of design appears in them.


If there is interest in the topic, I will continue …

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I present to you my logo;


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they are beautiful! very well done.

edit: you have a logo. plan on building more to sell out of curiosity?

sounds normal to me. thats exactly what i was talking about lol. i just can’t get over how well they look lol. very well done. maybe the best looking speaker i have seen in a long time!

edit: those seas drivers look amazing!

Thank you, joshua_g,
I will publish this graphic, which can present you the sound quality;

I will provide the audience in this forum, the story of the creation of these speakers in the most detailed way possible - soon.

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