JQ Hua Jiang or Mangird Tea?

Are there similarities and differences between the two IEMs? I know the price is different.

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What do you listen to the most?

Metal… And similar genres.

Source (dap / smartphone / dongle?) ?

Budget ?

LG V30+ . Budget- 800 USD-1000 USD.

Within your budget, I think Thieaudio Monarch is up your alley. It’s slightly V-shaped, great for rock/metal. Detail resolution is up there with some of the best. Thieaudio has more “popularity” with the audiophiles and it might be better to go with big brands since $800 is no small sum. Hua Jiang JQ is still kind of a wildcard as I haven’t heard much about that brand.

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FH7. FH7 is well above Variations, Oracle and many other “star” IEMs !!!