Just a vintage questioning

Final verdict: Dt 880 600 ohm and suggestion for amp?
Can anyone explain the sound signature of the Audio Technica ad-00x series and a900x?
Are they good for both casual and comp?
I know that k702 and q701 is subjective some hate and some like imaging
My research: Too wide soundstage of k702 and q701 causes a distracting and inaccurate imaging and confusion to pinpoint enemy //Am I right?
But why does akg k612 pro is mentioned solid
Are its imaging and soundstage good for both casual and comp

Why does Mad lust Envy’s guide say that k702 and q701 is a god mode for comp
Should it be trusted?
And why he said that dt880 has some issue in terms of accurately pinpoint an enemy from behind

Have you ever get a negative reviuew for dt880 in term of gaming and music?

Should I trust Cicero’s headphone guide which I mentioned before// he said that superlux668b and 58x are bad

Nevermind, im think that im questioning too much and it s bother your folks time sorry😣

That depends what kind of budget are you looking at here for your amp? Are you including a Dac or is that already purchased?

recessed bass with mids and highs pushed forward. The headphone is brighter going to the 900 or 1000 version meaning more treble however it gains better sound and seperation with its later models.

if you can get passed the very recessed bass then yeah I would say its fine for both though most gamers like some bass to their casual games as it tends to add more immersion. To myself personally it is quite a bit uncomfortable, built super cheap, and too recessed to my liking for casual gaming

This is accurate, the sound stage is incredibly large but is quite a bit inaccurate which makes it questionable in competitive during some circumstances. It’s still fantastic and sounds better than the ad series imo. K702 for analytical. K712 for fun. K7xx for a budget friendly fun as well like the k712.

Because it sounds very similar to the analytical k702 and not so much the k712 making it a bit of a budget friendlier k702 if you wanted that analytical headphone with that large staging. K702 is more accurate than a k712 and not as bassy. All 3 are good

Like mentioned above its like the k702. It shares that very large soundstage and good imaging but it also has that accuracy issue. It’s not a complete deal breaker but it is definitely noticeable by quite the many.

Guides are subjective for starters. Secondly, k702 has recessed bass with mids and highs being forward which is precisely what competitive gamers look for… pairing that with an insanely large soundstage makes it one of the best to use but its for strictly competitive despite the inaccuracies.

I never really had this issue with it at all, however I can see it happening due to being a semi open back without the full 360 degree sound in a large soundstage it’s kind of oval like soundstaging.

Personally, I am not a big fan of the dt 880. I picked it up used it on my liquid spark and it lacked a lot of body to the sound for my taste and the bass just wasn’t enough for me. Though I am not a “hardcore” competitive gamer anymore so I no longer look for the absolute extreme when it comes to competitives since in truth this is only going to help you by a small margin and only due to placements… It won’t help you place your shots or anything and you definitely aren’t going to be able to use such setups in tournaments so it’s a bit of a bad habit from my opinion. I ended up going with the dt 990 which is the sharper bassier V signature and ended up settling on the later version, the DT 1990. This headphone sounds better is also neutral bright like a dt 880 but is fully open back and is a gamers dream headphone absolute perfection for both casual and competitive alike. However, it is much more expensive ranging from $300 - $650. Headphones really boil down to preference unless its just particularly competitive gaming… If you want the absolute extreme? Just grab the k612 or k702 if you want a better all rounder but still fantastic for competitive as well? grab the dt 880 if on pc get an equalizer and turn on the bass a few decibels you won’t be very disappointed from my experience both are incredible headphones.

In my opinion? No, definitely not. He seems very biased towards “neutral” focal and sennheiser 600. Superlux and 58x are by NO MEANS bad headphones. 58x is a gorgeous headphone for it’s price point it lacks on soundstage but this is a common trait in sennheisers and superlux is your budget friendly entry level headphone it’s not going to be the greatest headphone but it is very good at what it does.

There is no “best” headphone. It boils down to preference. For gaming, I use a wide array of headphones it really depends on what I am playing. For competitive yeah I will agree bass gets in the way but if I am playing casually I want those explosions to be bassy I want immersion. It all boils down to what the person using that headphone wants out of it.

I would go with the Mad lust envy guide

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it is surprisingly accurate to my own experiences… So I use it myself. Glad he made it I hope he keeps updating it honestly.

I used to play Counterstrike Source very competitive. Back then I could always rely on my DT880. But a good DAC is important, to be able to locate your opponents accurately.