Just bought some HD599SE's

got a screaming deal…$100 CAD, shipped (and I live REMOTE).

good price on Amazon.com right now too…new for $149. on .ca, they’re $220.

I’m quite curious as if you look up their FR, it’s very close to a harman curve.

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I like them. these are used, so already broken in…but excellent condition, even the pads were cleaned up good. they didn’t send the 2nd cable, just the one with 6.5mm jack, but they did include an adapter for 3.5mm.

more bass than my HP-50’s and I’m enjoying the open / airy feeling. however, I noticed a weird thing. the beginning of the Decaf - Coming In For The Kill sucks compared to the HP-50’s. the initial vocals are so recessed and veiled? muddy? that I was disappointed, but then the vocal came alive. surprised me and I’m not sure of what to think about this.

I bought the 599s for my mum, especially the airy feeling you described made me look at these. They aren’t overly exciting in any way, rather laid back and very easy to drive.

The large ear cups an the light weight are an advantage too, perfect for my mum enjoying different genres of music without feeling isolated or having a lot of pressure on the head.
Unfortunately she can’t wear them for too long with glasses, which could be a deal breaker for some.

I have glasses and have had no issues with any of my headphones and them. that said, you did make me think of the one big put-off these have. the headband. even though it’s soft to touch, when you put it on your head, it’s quite uncomfortable for that first moment. it feels like a stick or something is being laid across it. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the perfect evidence that fit and comfort is extremely subjective :smiley:

I never really noticed the headband as a negative aspect.

What’s the relationship between the 599s and the 599SEs? If it’s only cosmetic, the FR is apparently almost identical to the HD 579s that I bought maybe last Boxing Day for $99 Cdn. So you got the higher model for the same price as I got the lower model.

Again, if the SEs have the 579/599 FR, that makes perfect sense. One of the differences between their FR and the Harman is that the Senns have some elevation in the upper bass and lower mids followed by a drop in the middle mids. This is extremely common and one the things that the HP50 apparently gets right.

BTW: regular 1/8" to 1/4" are evil. They apply extra torque to the headphone jack. Think this is why the jack on my MacBook has gone flaky.

I don’t have the glasses+headphones issue either. But that’s because I started wearing glasses at age 10. There are now two 1/4" deep, permanent grooves in my temples extending back to the ears. Glasses arms fit into them literally as if they were made for each other.

But if you had a pointy head…

the SE are an Amazon only release…supposedly identical to the 599’s but for color and coming in a brown box, not retail packaging.

the weird thing was that the vocals were only messed up at the start of the songs…then they cleared up and were fine. that makes no sense as the headphones aren’t suddenly going to change their FR mid-song.

Are you referring to La Roux - In For The Kill (Decaf’d) – which I find on YouTube? If so, I see your puzzlement.

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yes…there’s the Youtube one, but I’ve got a flac for it too.

Just listened to it with my 579s. The track starts out quiet then the volume amps up starting around 15 secs in. That’s the only thing I notice and it doesn’t have anything to do with which headphones I’m wearing. So still puzzled.

you’re right…I just didn’t recall them starting off so softly. my bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I think that leaves you in the tough spot of having to find some other reason to prefer the 599s over the HP50s or vice versa. Let us know how it plays out. ;)

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…but…but…I like them both! :o

Then you keep both…


I generally find the comfort on the hd5xx series above average, and typically see many not complain about it. Overall I think this headphone is pretty good, but imo worthwhile to just spend and get a 58x

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I am going to keep both…but M0N, you said I should get the 6xx the other day and now you say the 58x? my wallet isn’t liking you… :wink:

Hey I’m just saying if you like the sound of the 599se you would like the 58x. I still really like the 6xx as it’s a more refined detailed sound. Also was more addressed at people in general then you specifically

Ah! Enlightenment slowly dawns. I knew if I just stuck it out by humbly learning at the feet of the savants on this forum that it would eventually all make sense.

With shampoo it’s simple – rinse and repeat. In Monopoly you buy more and more hotels until you drive everyone else off the board. In the headphone hobby it’s a bit more complicated … but just a bit. A new member of the tribe discovers there’s such a thing as good sound and starts out by buying one headphone in a low price bracket. Then he buys another in that bracket … and another.

When he has a certain number he’s got a complete set. So he sells them all to scrape together enough money to buy one headphone at the next higher price bracket. Then it takes much longer but eventually he manages to buy a second headphone at this new price bracket. Then…

But wait – does that mean everyone ends up with an Orpheus just before kicking the bucket?


Lol, if you take it that way I worry for your wallet, I just thought that the 58x is another performance bracket without really stepping into another price bracket

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OK – not to worry. A courier van broke down and seems to have been abandoned in front of my house. I’m going to restore it to working order, convert the back into a mobile home, then drive it to Arizona or New Mexico and play the ukulele instead.