Just got the Philips SHP9500 68$ used to be 90$

I just got these today and experienced something ive never experienced in a headphone. It started out good. It seemed to handle the old stuff well. Simple Minds New Gold Dream sounded great and promising. Waterfront, Speed your love to me, Up on the Catwalk np. All extended and remastered. But as soon as i got to the later stuff it started to fall apart. Light Travels was badly distorted. It is a demanding recording though. But when i ran Honest Town through it, the Enterprise starting breaking up. I was choppy! It sounded like i was listening to it through a fan.

This headphone can sound great with some recordings but bad with others. Its a little muffled. Maybe a light veil? And it gets distorted. I havnt tried any mods on it so maybe it will improve. But its unreliable as it is. Not sure what Z was going on about with this headphone. But for me its going back.

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I think it’s really not the best deal anymore, as you could possibly find a senn hd5xx headphone for a similar price and sound really good. Never really understood the hype outside of the build and comfort. And now the 58x exists sooooooo.

agreed for the price I would much rather buy the hd 559 thne go upgrade to the 58x in the future.

the 58x is 100$ more. I would like to know of a headphone for 70$ that sound this good. too bad about the distortion and choppy. They really do sound good. better than the Superlux. Maybe the TAKSTAR PRO 82 70$? the Audio-Technica ATHM40x are 90$ 20 bucks more isnt bad. idk, 70$ is a nice price point

I’m not saying they sound bad but my preferences mak eme want to spend more or spend less and grab a kph 30i cause I just enjoy those headphones more I think it’s it handle the treble that is somehow off putting to me? not sure. I do thinl for the price they are excellent and you honestly probably coulnd;t get anything better for $70. But for my tastes I would rather jst listen to the hd 559, kph 30i

The ad500x, the blon b8, cooler master mh751, grado sr60e (if you like that sound), status audio cb1 in that price range + other senn 5xx models in the 70 range. If you go higher you can get something like the m40x, hd280 pro, and go up from there

oh i forgot about the Blon’s! wow thats a lot of headphones, good to know thanks

Distortion? Maybe your set was faulty. Idk but I’ve never heard any distortion with my shps. I currently own Argon mk3 and used to own the 58x, ever since I swapped ZMF eikon micro suede pads (which I originally bought for my Argons) on to my shps it became my favorite headphone again and now my Argons are collecting dust.

Around that price if you’re firm the grado SR60e, and the Tin HiFi T2 and T2 pro are pretty awesome, they come to life on amps like the liquid spark. If you can stretch the budget to $100 audio Technica ATH-AD700X are $90 on amazon, the grado SR80e are $99 and also sound great. We reviewed them all at Tlrtechnology.com

sorry maybe im not expressing it right, more like muddy. but that choppy was jacked. I’m using the grace sdac balanced through the unbalanced 3.5 port to RCA into my schiit magni DAC. could it be my setup? dont think so.

Doubt that your gear is faulty but if you have other headphones you can always test it to make sure. The shps do have a small mid bass boost and that might make the headphone sound muddy or distorted to you. I don’t have this issue personally probably because I prefer a boost in the bass. I use a modi 3 and jds atom if you’re wondering.

My shps and monoprice retros are collecting dust for me lol since I got my argons, koss headphones, and cals. I’m using the blon 03 for my go to iem and absolutely love it over the tin t2s.

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Would recommend the creative aurvna live the build is bad but it’s last me longer than my mh751 believe it or not and I enjoy the sound over it too only downsides are the build and comfort.

If you don’t need the mic or don’t really care too much about comfort, the cal is great if you want biodyna sound

Whats this bio dynamic sound thing about? I hear this and my mind thinks its drivers grown in tanks. Creative sells one for 70$ and DMS loves them. this is the one you guys are talking about right? the CAL: Creative Aurvana Live?

They have excellent bass extension and slam, pretty much a bassheads dream with something like the fostex trx00 purple heart. They also have a good organic timbre that sounds warm and thick