Just got the SMSL SU-8 DAC!

Just got my SMSL SU-8 Dac and what Mon said is true. sounds clean and uncolored :grinning: Listening to Simple Minds New Gold Dream sounds better and more correct now. its been a long journey to get here. But now with the 888 amp and SU8 DAC and Elex New Gold Dream sounds more correct and better than ever!

Kinda funny how music in the 80’s didnt require all this tech and cost and research to hear the music as the artist intended. Just a record recorded to tape and played on a walkman with Koss headphones lol. But of course, it didnt sound this good.

I re-installed my OS Win10. and Re-installed Foobar 2000. Got the AISO component installed AISOforAll. And installed the XMOS SU8 driver. Found 2 AISO’s in the foobar output setting. the AISOforall didnt work, but the “USB DAC AISO” worked fine. The XMOS driver reports AISO is active and running. And everything is sounding real good.

I started on the RCA inputs but then i switch over to XLR DAC to amp and i swear it bumped up the sound quality pretty noticeable, though Im sure people will think its placebo.

I messed with the settings, not sure what a PCM filter is, what does PCM stand for? It didnt seem to make much of a difference to the sound. I tried the Sound menu and same thing. I’ll have to test them out more thoroughly in the future. Volume i set to max.

The Su8 looks much better than in the videos i saw. looks the business in its silver metal case. And its heavy! i was surprised how heavy it was. The digital display looks cool. I got it set to report the frequency and when i played some 96hz U2 songs of experience album it reported the correct frequency! finaly. I set my DSD plugin in Foobar to 352.8khz and thats what it showed on the SU8! :flushed:

I celebrated by buying Coldplay X&Y192khz/24bit, Tears for Fears Songs from the big chair 96khz/24bit and Radioheads Moon shaped pool 48khz/24bit. All of it reported the khz correctly on the SU8’s display.

Funny enough even though the radiohead album had the lowest khz it sounded the best lol. actually it was so intense i had to turn the volume down. its like it was coming out full throttle into my face. not sure if this is what the artist intended.

Unfortunately Amazon HD doest report anything higher than 24bit/48khz lol. neither does Tidal or Spotify, sigh


The worst thing about the dac is the blue lights. In the dark It’ll be a sightmare :scream: and I already hate blue light since I usually listen in dim settings when I’m chilling.

you can put on a orange or red coloured gel in front of the display

happy you like yours too
I had no problems at all in the last months with the SU-8 and THX AAA 789 combo from my W10 notebook running Foobar, Tidal Masters(with mqa over ifi xDSD) and Spotify Premium

on my wifes W10 home office pc with Tidal, Spotify Premium and Foobar running I had driver problems after the last Win update with our old SMSL M6 running as preamp to our 2.1 setup
the M6 driver had to be new installed - never had this kind of problems before and had to work it out yesterday for an hour or so
the driver for the M6 and ifi xDSD was gone in Foobar - could not pick them in the output menue

PCM stands for Pulse-code modulation and it is a common way of recreating audio. The filters are a different way of filtering out frequencies above our hearing, but they also affect transient response and all that jazz. They are pretty subtle so nothing to really worry about.

There are sound modes which more noticeably change the sound like tube or rich that you can mess around with.

Also regarding the xlr, the su8 does sound better out of its balanced outs because it was designed to be used out of the balanced outs therefore it had more care put into the balanced outs. Also it’s got more volume with the balanced outs so that’s something to note

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Also when you install xmos you install an asio specific to your su-8, so there is no need for asio4all which is for devices that do not have native asio support

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Wait you have a blue light on your su8? Mine just has a white display and it’s dimmable

Mine doesn’t have a blue light either…and I keep the display off pretty much all the time.
You sure you’ve got an Su-8?

No I don’t :cry:
I just saw this pic and assumed it’s blue, didn’t realize it’s blueish white

You can also turn off the display too if it bothers you

I’ve been listening to mine for a couple of weeks,
I think I prefer it to my 49xx based DAC’s but I suspect it’s just different.
I do like the filter selection, and it’s interesting to listen to the differences, though mine just gets left on 1 when actually listening.
I spent all of 10 minutes messing with the EQ curves and just turned them off.
The volume control is the big win for me, the Elex is just too efficient for the Jot even on low gain, and turning down the volume on the DAC lets me turn up the volume on the Amp so it’s at a more reasonable level.

Yeah the sound modes (it doesn’t actually affect the frequency response that much if I remember correctly) are something you are either going to leave on or off

Also yeah it’s nice to have a volume control that won’t affect the sound quality like a digital volume is helpful. I just wish it had a knob but that’s a minor gripe

The EQ is fairly noticeable, but subtle enough it’s not in your face. They probably have to go that way to let it work well on a variety of amps.
The filters are more interesting, because none of them really have any impact below about 16KHz, it’s subtle, but you can hear the difference in the transients between them.
I might be able to pick out fast vs slow in a blind test, but I’m not sure I could definitively describe one as better.

Have my Eddie Current ZDT Jr turning up next week, so it’ll end up stationed with that for the short term.

I think it’s adjusting harmonic distortion rather than frequency response

I need to pay attention next time I use mine but I was pretty sure it displayed the different settings coming out of Tidal.

love to know how you pulled that off

so whats the best PCM setting to leave it on. i dont want it messing with the music at all

Well that depends on your ears. If you can’t tell the difference just leave it on standard or what it came set with

I personally like fast minimum which adds the least emphasis on a certain frequently range

There’s also this technique for unwanted light.