Just international purchased portapros

Wathced the koss khs?? Review I forgot the name srry;;
I honestly couldnt get myself to decide on buying it cause the design
But that porta pro got my attention and after that i have been searching all over the internet trying to find one (I live in South Korea and theres no amazon korea fml…)
I found one the basic one without mic nor button(i really need button at least dont like to get my phone outta tight jean in public rides)
But the price was like 70 us dollars(72000won to be exact)
These are sellin 30 bucks on amazon
And i need to pay fukin 70 bucks?
Hell no
So first time in my life tried to buy from over seas… yeah no warrenty but whatever
Searching on amazone found the gorgeous black colored one(head band was black too)
For 30 bucks but i needed pause, play button with mic so i found few with 59bucks
There was normal one black n blue and there was baige? And black and gold ones i didnt like those black n gold but i have a baige colored headphone from marley
So i just went for the classic
then i later found out limited edition ones had hard case for same price…fml
I also remembered the z guy saying buy these red blue pads somehow i remembered it as Lexi pads wtf
… couldnt find it on amazone of course just decided to buy the one from koss for 5 bucks

So yeah total should be like 66bucks but since it is shipping to korea(and i live in an island dis is not even funny)
I ended up payin 75bucks but i think it is still a good deal since they dont even sell one with mic nor the special colors koss ear pads are also like 10 bucks

Just… gotta wait till aug 14th

My first earphones(excluding ones that comes with phone) were from marley
Second one also from marley twice the price of the first one
Then i bought sure se215 spe(white one) which has been 4yrs still using but had to get new cords? For it
Then i bought a headphone from marley and it was absolutely terrible idea
It said over ear headphone but it was on ear… paid like 200 bucks cant use it since it hurt my ears and i wear glasses so it hurts more…

Then drecently have purchased B&O true wireless earbuds refunded them since it was broken one and sennheiser jusy released theirs in korea so i bought it

Just wanna hear some opinions from this forum? On my purchases like how stupid i was between 10 to 0
I dont think not even single purchases were good
I am planning to buy the ikko oh10 z just reviewd when i save enough money(like next year)
I want an earphones that sounds better then sennheiser mtw but easy to run for lg phones
I heard lg has the best aux output in the phone industries… i am gonna buy a new phone end of this year

Regarding the lg phones, I would agree they have the best headphone amp and dac in the phone industry right now. I have an LG v30+ and it’s great for a phone headphone out.

The pads you might have been looking for were Yaxi pads.

I have also purchased the ikko oh10 and am waiting to receive them.

Koss does sell a porta pro with a mic, but it may not be available in South Korea.

A company called Drop (aka Massdrop) sells koss porta pros with a microphone, but I do not know if they ship international.

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YAXI pads are the best and they are shipped for free from Japan.

I have old Porta Pros from 2004 and never had any problems with mine. But I am now on the 3rd or 4th pads. For the best sound, I recommend the Fiio BTR 3 .

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That fiiO thingi looks perfect for me… i was also wondered in internet tryingnfindinf one of those dac? Emp? Since i listen to music 10 to 12hrs a day on my phone, car, laptop, pc but cant spend 450 bucks on the thingi z reviewed… i mean i prob cant feel difference