K3 or Atom/Liquid Spark

I just recently purchased my Fiio K3, however after listening to it for a week now, I am a little underwhelmed. It sounds almost the same as it did as my onboard sound, and that’s through tidal and spotify.

For $120 i felt like I expected a little more, so i started to think that maybe I should return it and maybe invest in something a little more future-proof and long term, like the JDS Atom or the Liquid Spark. I wanted to ask what the forums thought. Maybe i just have poopy ears, or maybe I had a lot higher expectations for my first every amp/dac.

I have been leaning more toward returning the K3 and getting a standalone dac and amp because I feel like the K3 is adequate at both, but not good. Where on the other hand I can get a good amp like the Atom and be happy for a long time.

I mean I would say you could get an atom or liquid spark and a dac and be set for a long time imo. You could always wait on the dac as well and use it from your PC’s line out if you don’t have the money for a dac at the moment

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I was planning on getting the atom or the spark with the money I get back from amazon for the K3 and use some money from this paycheck to get a DAC, probably the D10 but idk

The atom is a great amp. Best for the money until you spend a lot more (I personally think the spark looks hideous). D30 is good. Would be a great little starter setup. Much better then k3.

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yeah after i got my atom I was just gonna wait for the 789 or the 888 when I was ready. and are you mentioning the topping D30?