Kanto RMA policy

Hi all,

I bought a Kanto Sub 8 in April this year and recently ran into issues. So there is a permanent rumbling that the sub outputs and it seems like its defective. So I contacted Kanto support and they offered a replacement. However they demand proof that I render my current unit inoperable in order to receive a replacement. See below the email I got.

I find that highly uneconomic and plainly stupid approach by the company. Never seen anything similar by other companies. What do you think? Is that something considered common practice?


It’s a common practice. headphones and IEMs they usually want pictures of the cords cut or some other form of deconstruction to prove they’re defective / dead.

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Interesting. I find such practice very alienating. Like: „We can’t get it back to fix and resell it, so we want to make sure that nobody else can.“

This just makes so less sense to me. I understand that they want to keep fraud in check but requesting the customer to purposefully destroy something just to prevent somebody to make an potentially easy fix… it’s just beyond my understanding.

It might have something to do with these low or cheap priced products.
Its just cheaper to replace the product and send a new one + recycle (deconstruct) the current one.
That is sad in a way but thats how the markets have been shaped for modern times.

If the products would have greatly more value. They would be send to be repaired or a selected company would repair the faulty one and or maybe send a replacement. Repaired one could be sold later as checked product.

Kinda also pointing environmental aspect of things.
People mostly want cheap products. That is the button line.
You can also support other companys and buy more reasonable or fixable products.

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agreed, if you had a $10K sub, they’d have it serviced. really, what it tells us is that the Kanto sub is so cheap to manufacture it’s cheaper to pay the freight, ship a new replacement unit and have you destroy the old one.

in a case like that, I would pull the driver, wreck it, maybe even hammer smash the built-in amp and then reuse the box for a more diy speaker / sub project afterwards.