Kanto tuk vs vanatoo t1 encores


I was looking into buying some speakers and managed to get some t1 encores used for around $550 (cad). I also have the possibility of getting the Canto tuks for $700 (cad) and wondering if the kanto tuks would be the better deal.

I like the idea of having the 3.5 se on the kanto, but I already have a dac/amp so slightly redundant.

These would be likely for a living room of 15 feet by 11 feet or possibly for a desktop set up down the line.

Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

*TUK not YUK

Kanto rep so incoming bias. A few things on the TUK that may be of interest to you. We have aptX HD so if you’re streaming through Bluetooth you will have a higher bitrate stream (assuming your devices can support aptX HD). The speakers can also go to sleep while paired to a BT device so it can wake up when you start playing music again. Most speakers that go to sleep will sever the BT connection - TUK keeps it active.

We also have some added functionality built into the remote like sub mute for night listening, channel-swap so that the powered speaker is left or right, and we have custom EQ setting on each input. We also have a headphone out which is super rare in the segment.

T1E has a nice feature that TUK doesn’t - auto input-switching. With TUK you need to choose your input manually using the remote or knob on front. If you read how the T1E’s input switching works in their manual it’s a bit less exciting. You essentially have to turn off a device that’s playing for it to switch to a different input that is playing. It won’t auto-switch if you just start playing music on another device.

I feel like TUK is a more comprehensive package and has more features but it’s up to you to determine if the extra feature set is worth the additional cost. Both give you incredible bass and are detailed. TUK is brighter out of the box but you can EQ it to your liking. Once each speaker is dialed in they trade blow for blow.

Oh god it’s been a long day, yes the kanto TUK not yuk (edited in initial post). These are anything but yuk they arguably are some of the cleanest looking speakers I’ve seen.

It’s good to know that both are somewhat similar in detail and bass. I usually tend to lean more towards warmer sounds in headphones, but since these are my first pair of good speakers my preferences might be different.

The Bluetooth aptx HD seems quite useful. Not sure if the headphone out will be a deciding factor but it is still very cool and novel!

Thank you very much for your input and sorry for the typo!