Kanto yu2 vs presonus eris 4.5

Hi I am looking to replace speakers for my computer, previously was using passive kanto yumi passive speakers that have gone out, I am looking for some powered speakers that will get a DAC source. I was looking at the Kanto Yu2 and was wondering if anyone has heard them and their impressions. I was also considering presonus eris e4.5, though i know those are considered monitors. budget is around 200

Z loves the YU2 and YU4’s. and if you get a DAC I think you’ll also need an amp with pre-outs to sent to your powered speakers.

I think the kanto’s will be more enjoyable, but I think the presonus would have the edge in detail, but not as enjoyable as they are tuned for a more flat response compared to the kanto’s

I was looking to upgrade my dac to a SMSL SU8 so that i could also add an headphone amp as well as run to powered speakers for flexibility and such, and didn’t really hear much about the yu2s though i did see the yu4 review.

my bad, it was the Yumi and then the YU4’s. sorry for the misdirection.

no worries and i did like my yumi’s but they have started to distort and was looking to replace with one of those two listed in the title.