KBEar Aurora Single DD IEM

KBEar released Aurora, it’s latest single DD IEMs. I have used their previous flagship Believe for a brief time and enjoyed it thoroughly. If you’ve already ordered the Aurora or have a review unit, please share your impressions here.

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I also liked their Believe. Getting a unit of Aurora for myself soon. Let’s see how this one turns out to be.


you know…I shook my head when I saw KBEAR’s name as my brain immediately pronounced it Kare Bear…KB Ear never occurred to me until I saw it referenced that way a few days ago on HFG.

I thought about just how ridiculous the brand names of all these Chi Fi IEM’s were getting. don’t get me wrong, there are some ridiculous names and honestly, the IEM market is so badly fractured that I don’t really want to touch it with a 10ft pole. >.<


I will forever read (and enunciate) their name as “K Bear” despite knowing that it’s supposed to be KB Ear. It’s endearing, somehow. Re: ridiculous names, I just got my “K’s Earphone Temperament Bell-LBS”. Yeah.


do you know if KBEar has a proper website?

many Chi Fi brands would do so much better if they had a dedicated website!


Not that I have ever found, I got my neon off of amazon.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe that they do. They do have very active community people on Head-Fi, though, so it kind of acts like a website for them (in their threads).

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Received mine ordering from hifigo in less than 2 weeks, very well packaged. The shells shine out of the box, nice blue cable and both types of kbear tips to boost either bass or treble. The dynamic driver has a wide scene thanks to its extension in treble (but not agressible on m11pro), first impression gives a lot of details with a huge bass punch, as a sligth V shaped tuning, still listening all good for pop music and EDM . Also found some magic operated on old records for voices … phil Collins is delivered a pure voice and the beat is super punchy. Still listening…


starting off people that got in on the pre order discount got a deal
these have great separation for a single DD and reasonable soundstage for a IEM
Bass - emphasis on bass but not overwhelming depending on tips I found it ranged from pleasant to impactful
Vocals - clear and natural never intruded upon (these have a slight preference to female vocals)
Treble - has energy while still coming across as natural and isn’t harsh
Accessories - plenty of silicone tips of two different types (stub tips and normal tips) personally not a fan of stub tips but the other included tips seal well for a silicone and were mainly what I used also tried Spinfit’s and Tin blue foam’s, also has a nice case that should fit in larger pockets, includes a microfiber cloth and a cleaning brush
Cable - well made didn’t pick up any static noise and is reasonably comfortable as long as you keep some slack in the cable
nitpicks - fingerprint magnets, no included foam tips, slightly heavy for a IEM (nothing compared to OH10’s though LOL)

TLDR - Well balanced but fun sound


I found the believes too U shaped, such a shame cause the timbre was great. I hope these are better.

Any update my friend? Which one do you prefer more?

It’s gotta lot of competition now that the KATO and Dunu Falcon Pro is out

Didn’t find any. They have an official AliExpress store though.

Titanium driver, seems like a step down from the believes tbh. Dont like the metalic sound titanium DD has. Id be wary of these iems but maybe someone can let us know if theyre actually good


The aurora looks way better tuned than the believe, just looking at the graph. A touch too much bass I think though. Too bad they didnt stick to beryllium though

I have no knowledge of this set, just found this @paulwasabii video this morning and checked for a bit during work. Sounds a nice Blon upgrade tho (if you can get it)

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Looking at the graph it looks like a better tuned DQ6, even though its only 1 DD. Has the same amount of treble extension but without the peakiness in the sibilant ranges. My only gripe is that they went from beryllium to titanium. Even a (good, cause there are bad ones since its such a blanket term) DLC DD would have been better.

Right, it was a bit of a trade-off from Believe. Some people are going to say it lost some sparkle and air in the treble. Other people will say it is less fatiguing and better.

Yes, it would have been great to have this tuning on Believe’s driver I think, but they were going after the two issues with the Beryllium driver, hard to produce and hard to drive. In the short term, they traded one supply issue for another as they have not been able to produce enough Aurora for the demand so far. I don’t know if the bottleneck is the production of the driver or the shell but I am sure they will sort it out soon.


My Moondrop Kato should be shipping in 3 days :slight_smile:

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