Keep the Stellia, or try Verite Closed (or Empyrean)?

I’ve been back and forth with my Utopia and Stellia for a while. I wish I could mash them together into one - The Utopia is a breath of fresh air, it’s dynamic, but too much. It’s so dynamic it hurts. And the background ambience isn’t there - it’s a black void, very ‘hollow’, with the main elements punching through. A cool experience, but it gets annoying after a while. The treble is brutally sharp too, even with EQ.

The Stellia is far more musical than Utopia, with very rich ambience + reflection details. I absolutely love it. Plus the feeling of proximity effect, when I feel each sound travel closely around my head. But after a while, it starts sounding too “dry” and almost cloying. Slightly muddy and thick. Like too much acoustic foam in a studio. It’s so dry and doesn’t breathe. The Utopia brings that airy space back. But the downsides mean I’m selling the Utopia.

I love my HEKSE, but it doesn’t give me the ‘Magic’ both Focals give me. Now I’m curious about the Verite Closed. It’s often been compared with Stellia, but I can’t find a clear enough answer. There’s also the Empyrean, but I’ve heard conflicting thoughts. Can anyone help me with this?

My pairing will be HEKSE + (Stellia, Empy or VC). That will be my endgame! (I hope…)

Try a D8000 Pro and a Rad “0”.
The Rad “0” balanced with a decent amp is magical, I used a iFI ICAN Pro signature…Superb. been thru the focals.

The D8000 Pros run decent off most amps. Its a more costly but a true TOTL can. Superior resolution here…just love these two cans.

Sold most everything else…

Good Luck!

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