KEF 3001SE vs KEF Q150

So I came across a weird post/video today. Guy on reddit claiming the KEF 3001SE (KEF Eggs) sound better than the KEF Q150 Bookshelf Speakers. To me it sounds like a difference in volume level and maybe a difference in tuning the frequencies. The eggs are probably made to sound more exciting and musical against the more flat, neutral response of the Q150s, but I’m not sure. Thoughts?




Original Reddit Post:

In the video the q150 sounds better lol. What amp is he using? The eggs don’t sound that great imo and pretty artificial

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I felt a similar way. Which is why I was thinking maybe it’s a volume difference or something. Or maybe it’s an exciting sound signature. I did a blind test with my gf and she did not like the eggs at all.

Yeah the eggs sound artificial and not really detailed. I do wonder what amp that he is using though. Even though youtube you can tell the q150 is better, but if the dude likes the eggs better more power to him lol, its for his own personal pleasure anyway

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