Kef LS50 Meta and Naim?

I have Kef LS50 Meta speakers, currently driven by a Harman Kardon HK6500 (1990, high current, 70 wpc). There is the opportunity to purchase a Naim NAC 102 and NAP 180 combination with Teddy Pardo TeddyCapPlus.

How well will these play together? I will not have the opportunity to try them together beforehand.

My main concern is whether the combination might end up too bright and fatiguing. Also, whether there is enough drive for the Metas.

I’m looking for more detail in the lower end than I get with the Harman Kardon (which is a surprisingly excellent amp - I recently had a Musical Fidelity A3.2 hooked up, and the HK was less restrained - appeared more powerful - more detailed and clearer). I do have the Kef KC62 subwoofer, but this is due to be returned after 1 month as it is stuck in amber/standby mode. Nothing shifts it. Even with this, when it was working, I felt lower detail could have been better defined.

Two reasons I am interested in the Naim: firstly, I have an issue with nostalgia. I am in awe of their reputation, which dates me back to the 80’s, when I started this interest in hifi. Then small kids and large dogs with larger wagging tails put a hold on serious listening, especially to vinyl. Secondly, as much as I can now afford a decent amp, it is difficult to run the cost of a new Naim past SWAMBO. On paper, the Naim NAC 102 and NAP 180 combination with Teddy Pardo TeddyCapPlus looks good … not 100% sure about the wpc (I think it is 60). In common with the HK, the Naim does not require another unit to play a moving coil cartridge (in my case, a highly modded Thorens TD150/modded Rega Rb300/ Supex 900 MkIV).

Regards from Perth


All that I know about Naim I have read on WhatHiFi. From what I read, Naim amps tend to sound more powerful than their ratings indicate & they are often top of class in SQ in the reviews.

Good luck.

Naim is great gear and will last.
It does have a certain sound as Naim concentrate on what they joyously call PRAT (pace, rythm and timing) over outright resolution but it can be a very engaging and enjoyable sound.
Doubt you can go wrong but if it’s not to your liking you can always move the Naim gear on…they have quite a loyal following.