KEF LS50 vs R-Series

Space for discussion of KEF LS50 versus R-Series (eg 3/300) and where there might be advantages or disadvantages

Argument 1… The LS50 look sexier.


Against the ls50, less bass
The r300 is actually cheaper if you find some left in stock. But I do agree the last is better looking.
Are you planning on adding a subwoofer?

LS50!!! Best speaker!

because of space issues and positioning I prefered KEF Q300(because of the frontport) in my desktop 2.1 setup - my wife works everyday in home office and I often sit there also and edit pictures for hours

imaging is stellar
the sweet spot is huge
details could be bit more - think the LS50 would bring out a bit more refinement

Consider as well KEF Q750, floor standers with LS50 uni-fi driver. These sometimes go on sale for the price of LS50.

The R range are a tad warmer in general compared to the ls50’s and also a bit easier to drive generally.

I sold my ls50’s for r300’s as they have a better bass extension however that was for a 15x18 room. nearfield, the LS50’s clarity trumps the r range.

Also ls50 look better and are smaller (for desk application).

This “darker” sound signature seems to be common for R-series. Thomas & Stereo in " KEF R700 vs LS50 speaker review" confirms your words.

I can get the R3 used for 1200$ (warranty till 2021). I will go demo them shortly but it seems like a good deal. What do you folks think?

I was about to get some Dynaudio Special 40s but if I get the R3 I can add a sub.

That’s a pretty good deal check condition. You might not even need a sub with R3 depending on room size and taste. Give a hard listen to dynaudio too they’re solid speakers

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I plan to go round with my DAC pre-amp check them out for 1h. I already had a 2h session with special 40s hooked up to a McIntosh MA252 and Cambridge Audio CXA 80.

The think is if I get the KEF I can get sub and or DSP or a beefier amp. Anyway thanks for the sanity check.

where would the new KEF LSX fit into this?

I didn’t have opportunity to hear LS50 nor R300. Where I live (Bosnia and Herzegovina) to hear them I have to buy them. So, to save time and money I need opinion from someone who did hear them and cares the most for the sound. For middle sized room, for home theater and music listening, with sub, what would you recommend in terms of sound quality LS50 or R300? Thanks!