KEF LSX vs. LS50

I’m looking for a new pair of speakers for my desk and can’t decide between the KEF LSX and LS50. I already have an amp (Onkyo 9110) which I currently use for my DALI Zensor 1 and it should have enough power for the LS50 but of course isn’t really high end. So should I just go for the LS50 and upgrade my amp later? I also plan to use the LS50 in the living room later and don’t know if the LSX will be big enough for this medium sized room.
Do you also have amp recommendations for LS50? I rather want a smooth sound that doesn’t bring up the already very prominent highs of the LS50.

I would suggest the ps audio sprout100 as it works really well with the ls50 imo

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hard to get in europe, but I might get the IOTAVX SA3 but I don’t know if 45 w/c will be enough.

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That’s a nice amp, 45 wpc should be plenty for reasonable listening levels imo

With that amp 45wpc is enough to get them loud use it as a building block get that then save up for the power amp the PA3 then that would push it up to 90wpc