KEF Q Series (Q750) vs. Monitor Audio Silver

Does anybody have experience with either the Kef Q75O or the Monitor Audio Silver 200 or Silver 300. I 'm considering a set of compact floorstanders ( 36-40 inch) in the 1600-2000ish/pair dollar range and these seem like the finalists.

The Kef Q Series is very intriguing, and while older seems to still compete. Price has gone down in recent years and it seems to be a great value. The Monitor Silver seems newer, more traditionally designed and is very well spoken of.

Bonus points for any responder that has heard both!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

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What type of sound are you going for? What setup would you be using to drive them?

Lol. You’re the man.

Neutral fr, detailed.

They will live in a pretty reflective room.

They will be driven by a Purifi based class D amp.

Hmmm, I wouldn’t call either neutral, but the kef is prob more neutral and detail forward out of the two, and pretty quick. Neither are pretty picky room wise iirc, you should be fine there with proper placement. I might be a bit concerned with the purifi + kef combo but if you are after detail forwardness and something pretty neutral you should be fine (but it might get a bit sharp, and also potentially a bit lifeless at times, but I’m only going off short demos I have heard a purifi, haven’t heard one with a kef)

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Do you would you characterize the monitor as less sharp (ie bassier or warmer)? I am finding mixed comparisons online (big surprise,lol).

I think that with most amps the monitor audio (I have only heard the silver 300 and not the 200 so I will be working with that), I would say it’s neutral smoother leaning, really not being harsh overall, so a bit more relaxed but still resolving enough, it’s also more forgiving than the kef imo. I also think it has better timbre than the kef with more organic sounding impact and better low end extension, but the kef has superior staging and imaging, more detail retrieval, and imo a bit more refined signature imo (although the kef signature is more polarizing than the more agreeable on the monitor). The kef is also more amp picky where the monitor stuff I have demoed.

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Thank you, Sir!!!

And thank you for not giving me a hard time on the class d amp!:joy: I assume they fall into the same category for you as THX headphone amps?

Nah lol, I have heard excellent class d amps, really just depends on the amp at hand. I can’t say I have liked some of the class d amps like the one from benchmark for example (that also happens to be thx lol). Recently I heard a nuprime evo one, and that was pretty impressive imo, I also heard the ps audio m1200 which was really nice to name a few. I really could care less about the technology, I’m more concerned with the final result to my ears lol. Hell I even think my main pmc monitors use class d amps and no complaints there lol (pretty sure they do, although most speaker amps I have are class a or a/b)

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Do you have a strong opinion on Dynaudio? The Emit M30 floorstanders is in my range.

Ooo I like dynaudio lol, very neutral and accurate yet enjoyable imo. Personally my preference over the kefs, but I do think the kefs have a more unique presentation. Some might find the dynaudios a bit boring but imo I really like them if you want no nonsense

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Yeah, that’s what I’ve read about the Emit M30. High quality, if uninspiring. If my experience with headphones is any indicator enjoyment of high performing but “boring” increases with time, while the opposite is true for “unique” or “fun” sound.

Think Clear vs Elex?

I could see that being true for some lol