Kef q150 300$/pair

Worth it at sale price? I feel like picking up a pair to try the kef sound. Thoughts?

I think they are a great entry for kef, also a great price too. I think it’s worth it

Definitely worth it, Ive not heard the q150 but I do have a pair of q100 which is basically what the 150 is a revision of. Love my Kefs, they do lean more on the brighter side, but it is nothing painful and they have quite a detailed sound as a result. A bit on the bass lite side tho, so if you have a sub use it.

Also I don’t know about the the 150 but the 100 needed a lot of burn/break in before it started to sound its best, I wanna say it took around 100 hours before my pair really started to come into its own.

Def worth it, I got my q100 via the same discounted sale program. I will tell you that they are excellent for near field if that’s what you’ll be using them for but they’re just too lacking for anything beyond a small 10x10 room or office sort of thing. Just too boomy in a large room. For that you’ll need a SW and cut them off at around 75~80.

I think the q150 does better than the q100 in larger rooms, but I would agree that in a large room a sub might be something you want to pick up

Talked me into it! Ordering today. Let ya know how they sound compared to my martin logan 4i’s and Klipsch 51m’s. Will be driving them with sprout100.

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Very curious to see how you feel, it should be a different type of sound compared to your other speakers :+1:

That’s what I figured. I like variety, spice of life.:grinning:

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Debating between these, the Klipsch RP-150/160, and the Elac Uni. Anyone have any recommendations?

I think the elac UB5 is going to be the better speaker imo, but the klipsch do have a more fun sound signature. But personally I much prefer the elac ub5. If you compare klipsch rp600m’s vs the ub5 I think it gets more competitive imo

ok, so i have had some time to listen to the kef’s. All i can say to start is…what speakers??? OMG they meld away to nothing. They really do disappear like everyone says, just a wall of sound. i showed the old lady and she literally checked my klipsch center speaker to see if it was working! By far has the best sound stage for my living room where they rest. The martin logans are just as good nearfield, but ride the struggle buss disappearing in larger setting. But the 4i’s not really designed for that role.

So my living room setup is far from optimal lol. no floorstanders(waf) bookshelf speakers sit about 18" from the wall, bare that in mind in comparison later on low end.

I’ll start with, for me, was the most dramatic difference in the sound spectrum: the mids. They are much better sounding to me on the q150’s than the klipsch or martin’s. More full bodied, silkier, just sound better. listening to rob thomas acoustic live atm while writing this and his voice sounds heavenly with the q150’s.

High’s on all 3 are really good to me and sound pretty close. The martins hold the edge over all i think. The ribbon is a little faster, more precise. the q150’s and klipsch are not far behind though. i am not sure i can make a judgment yet on which is better. the klipsch have a lot more break in time.

lows was also surprising to me. the martins can’t keep up, not surprising with 4" driver. the klipsch handily wins out. the q150’s hit low, probably the lowest, and real clean to. but it is very thin sounding to me. the q150 is the largest box too with a nice port, but the low end sounds more full on the klipsch. if i had to guess its the distance to the back wall. the smaller cabinet of the klipsch forces the port air out at higher velocity to better hit the back wall still. need to find square potting plants or something now to put behind them that the waf agrees to lol. see if that helps with a closer reflective surface. also the woofer probably needs more break in time as well, only about 15 hours on it maybe.

on a side note, the r-52c is a bass monster. sealed too! but that center digs surprisingly deep with punch.

overall i am very pleased with the q150’s. kinda hoping the low end opens up a little more with more break in time, i have read with others that it comes to life after 40hours of break in time. plus i have sub’s, so they do not have to dig low anyways, but its nice when they do. going to let them play for a couple days now to break in the driver some more. they really are nice and worth the 300$. i am not sure i would pay 600$ full retail though after owning them. i feel you can probably get better for 600$. but for 300$ these are great.

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Well that’s great that you enjoy them :+1:, the kef coax drivers have a somewhat unique sound

Also as an aside lol did you ever pick a soft dome speaker?

not yet. still debating lol. i almost pulled the trigger on the lsim 703’s, but the wood doesn’t match the hardwood in my house. i may wait for more reviews on the new jbl legends bookshelf’s. the walnut veneer gets the waf! thinking of waiting to get them on sale, and in the meantime maybe getting the dali’s or possibly the cambridge sx50. have you heard the sx50 by chance?

I thought the SX50 was alright when I heard it, but nothing really standout imo. It just wasn’t super memorable to me

got ya. going to order the dali’s soon then.

ok, so got the kef’s playing fairly loud and the bass really opens up. plenty of punch and thump. at my usual listening levels not as much. more break in time will hopefully solve that more. could just be the way it is because of my usual listening level’s are not that loud and the kef’s are not that efficient. but they sound really good with no sub at louder level’s. like, for my personal tastes, they need no sub at the level i am playing them atm. i may look into tube amplification for them now lol. has anyone heard them with tubes? i know not all speakers sound good through tubes.

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listened to alice in chains live mtv unplugged. then listened to a bunch more unplugged. these give it a spatial quality not in my klipsch or ML’s. sounds more lifelike, like i am actually sitting in the front row vs watching a video. The 150’s work really well with live recordings imo =)

My klipsch still work much better for home theater use though. the q150’s sound kinda wierd for home theater use to me. the soundstage is to big or something. i don’t know, just sounds off.

I have also decided to leave the port plugs in i think forever. or at least till i feel like ripping drivers out, voiding warranties, and adding more acoustic fill. they sound really really hollow to me with the port’s open. much better with the foam plugs in them to eliminate as much noise coming out the port as possible. i feel like the hollowness is the sound coming from the port more then the driver.

more testing and tweaking to come! I am really happy though with them over all. they are very musical speakers. just my first experience with speakers that sound great with music, but not so much with tv lol!

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Debating on the Q 150’s, Triangle Br03 or B & W 607’s (the B&W 606 have just gone on sale lol) and now I am truly stuck. Most of them hit close the the budget mark of £400 (give or take depending on what it is)

My current speakers are sitting on stands behind my desk (very close to the wall and at a tilt to face me directly) and they are very large and front ported. I am running from a Pioneer VSX-531 class D amp. Any suggestions on what to go for?

triangle br03 out of those 3 imo. i will get a pair later in the year to try the triangle sound. but over all i know they will sound better than the q150’s. and idk, i have never been a B&W fan. they sound good but they value is meh to me. sale price might make it worth it. and that close to wall, the front ported triangles be better i think.

edit: i guess i feel the q150 is a great 300USD pair of speakers when they are half off, but i also feel that should just be their msrp and not sale price. the br03 is 550USD and are more then likely a step up. the rear port would have to be stuffed for you to use them in your setup, next to wall they will be very boomy.

Relating to the ones I have now (Mission 700) they are a very large cabinet and front ported. So even though the triangles and my missions are of a similar cabinet design, they will behave differently ?