Khadas Tone Board V2

Supposedly it’s balanced, though I’m not sure about XLR being the connection of choice.

I don’t know if I want to wait for this or a month the Grace Designs SDAC Balanced drop. With all the extras I doubt think it will be $99 like V1.


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Wonder if they would opt to use 1/4 inch trs cables for balanced…

Also wonder if they will add dac filter settings or a volume control

I wish this obsession with balanced would just go away. I was rather looking forward to a product that doesn’t come as a bare PCB, but adding balanced to everything just to check another box on the audiophile marketing list is just obnoxious, especially on the second revision of a product with a reputation for budget friendliness.

I don’t really care as long as it doesn’t shift the price point too much. It’s not like balanced is detrimental to the sound if they do it right. It’s not super expensive to implement balanced and it opens the possibility to push more voltage and have long runs with no issues. No comment on sq though

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I’m considering between waiting for the Khadas Tone Board V2 and the SDAC Balanced as well. I have the SDAC-B preordered right now. Amir from Audio Science Review got in on the drop early when they were shipping them immediately and will have a review up on it in the coming days. That, plus (hopefully) a full reveal of the new Tone Board and its features and price by the end of the drop will be what I use to make my judgement. Hopefully Khadas can match or be around the $150 of the SDAC-B!

That review is already live:


Thank you for the reply, I hadn’t seen it was up yet!

how is this balanced? it has 2 rca outputs and and a s/pdif. and Z didnt mention anything in his review about balanced.

Also does anyone use the VIMS on this? How does it relate to audio?

This is the V2 version currently in development. Full details haven’t been released yet other than ‘we are working on it, with the intent to include balanced output.’

First version is only RCA.

VIMs are essentially a computer like a raspberry Pi. It has nothing to do with audio unless you build something yourself with it.