Khadas Tone vs OL DAC for the Emotiva BasX A-100

I am switching over to a Emotiva BasX A-100 from a Topping MX3 for my desktop speakers and my headphones. I am looking for a good deal on a DAC to feed the Emotiva. I really like the look of the Khadas Tone and the OL DAC and I want to see what everyone thinks about these two. I will be using USB or SPDIF but I’m not married to either one.

So personally I would really suggest going for a topping e30 or smsl sanskrit 10th mk2 as I think currently those are the top dogs in the market atm for the price. The tone board is also still pretty good


I agree with Mon. But if you decide to go with the Khadas here are some cases for it

Personally, id look at something like the ifi Zen dac, because it has a pretty decent headphone out also, I have the a100 and I personally wouldn’t recommend it as your only headphone amp.

I would also agree with this, what headphones do you currently have ?

I currently have the HD 6XXs and I’m planning on getting a pair of the Argon MK3s. I know that the A-100 wouldn’t be ideal to have as an only headphone amp, I am most likely going to get another one at some point but I wanted to get something that could power those Argons and my speakers without breaking the bank. I also do have a DarkVoice that I was going to have on the RCA out of the A-100.

I haven’t purchased the Emotiva yet so I would be willing to hear about completely different options all together as well.

Sounds like you are set then, I don’t foresee any issues :+1:

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Sweet! I’ll most likely be going with the Sanskrit 10th Mk2 in black as my DAC.

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Nice, solid pick, should be a pretty sweet setup

Now the real question is, where can I buy the Sanskrit where it won’t take a month to get to me…

And I also have a sub for my desktop setup, it’s a Niles SW10 and how I have it setup now is speaker out of my Topping into the speaker input of the sub and then out back to the speakers. Is this a bad setup to keep for when I get my Emotiva or will that be ok to use?

That is a good question lol, I do know there is a topping e30 at apos with pretty quick shipping (that’s where I bought one to try)

But I can’t seem to find a fast shipping smsl 10th mkii

Nope, should work just fine

Topping D10 is also nice just don’t get the Aimpire version.