Killer Elex Pairing

New to the audiophile world, but having a great time! I recently purchased the Focal Elex from Drop, and have really found what I think is a really killer setup for them. It’s super simple, but I really like how they’re sounding. I got the iFi iDSD Signature as my DAC/Amp combo, then for the cable I just recently got the Silver upgrade cable for the Meze 99 classics in 4.4mm Balanced. Running all that with the ifi bass boost (exceptional. Like, tightens it up and boosts the sub bass extremely tastefully) and then I’m just using tidal as my source and it’s fantastic. Really really balanced and open sound, not overly bright. The iDSD signature replaced a Nuprime dongle DAC, which they were very bright on and very loud seeming and shouty… but the iDSD was sooooooo much darker and richer. But it was almost too dark with a copper cable (both stock and a kk balanced) I was nervous the silver would be way too bright with the Nuprime, but I decided to give it a shot with the iDSD Signature and it’s absolutely tremendous. Brings everything to life and tightens the bass down a ton while showing everything to just open up a bit and gives more top end sparkle. Love it.

I also have the HD-660s which were my first audiophile headphones, the silver cable is where the Elex has now REALLY separated itself from them. Love both, honestly they’re quite similar running stock on the gear I have, but the cable seems to have really opened up a gap that I’m happy for cause I was kinda feeling jyped when I first did a comparative listen cause they were so similar for the price difference. Interested to hear anyone’s thoughts on a tube Amp to introduce to the mix using the iDSD signatures outputs.