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  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes

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Z Reviews…

This is not Kinera’s official website

My bad, can you link the official site?

Edit: NVM I found an amazon page for them

Heard them like 2 weeks ago. They are pretty damn weird.
First day when I was after like 15 High-End pairs of headphones I was truly amazed with them, mostly because I saw “electrostatic” on a box.
Second day I gave them another go and was really disappointed. Highs are just boosted through the roof and they don’t carry any detail. All of my hardstyle tracks sounded like someone’ve just put a white noise filter over it. There’s apparently Asia and EU version though, same IEM but very different tuning.

Personally I think companies are still learning how to properly integrate the kinda estat but not really drivers, I don’t think they are there yet for a coherent tuning because of poor implementation. For now I am not a fan of these pseudo estats but I am hopeful that they will get better

I mean… first ever “Estat” I’ve heard was indeed an IEM Low Powered one in a pair called Empire Ears Valkyrie… and they are damn amazing. Love them every time I can pick them up on audio meets.

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Their official website is being revised
Several brand names are registered, sells brand product, such as: hibyaudio,moondropaudio all not official website.

Gotcha, I typically just put an amazon link if I can find one, so it’s been fixed now

Kinera Nanna Review from Headfonics

“The Nanna treble is articulate, well extended and more on the hi-fidelity side. It doesn’t sound overly wet nor is imbued with copious amounts of body but it is fast, clean and pure sounding.”
Ye… no. Not at all :rofl:

Kinera Nanna review from Z, Perfect IEM

2020 Year of the Estat

My “short list” continues to grow. Also looking at Mofasest Trio, Shuoer EJ07, Unique Melody MEST, Shozy POLA39, and Empire Ears Valkyrie. Leaning towards the MEST and Valkyrie’s and waiting for sales towards the end of the year.

Nanna review from headfonics

It arrived on my place yesterday. Heard some rumors that there are different versions on Nanna with different tuning. Well I can definitely see that my pair have much darker shells than the one Zeos have…


How you liking them and your thoughts sound wise and compared to your other iem’s?


Here. I’ve made a review :slight_smile:


Kinera Nanna review from https://www.headfonia.com/kinera-nanna-review
Overall Kinera Nanna is an excellent IEM and I think it has one of the best treble performances in the market right now. Highs are simply phenomenal and if you like your treble to be sparkling, this is one the IEMs that you should look for.

Don’t you think it would be better if you announced publicly in your posts that you are an Hifigo account and therefore what you are doing is advertise your products instead of making people believe that you are just another forum user? It is common practice to do so in other forums like Headfi just to name one so everybody knows and everybody is happy. Not disclosing that you are a member of the trade is at least shady and not very ethical.
Just my two cents.